The OCASI Professional Development Conference brings together over 300 Frontline Workers and Managers of OCASI member agencies and other organizations that provide services to immigrants and refugees.

The Professional Development Conference gives participants an opportunity to build capacity, share knowledge with their peers and develop strategies to better serve their clients. Our theme “ Build Community in Challenging times” speaks to our current climate.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the 2017 OCASI Professional Development Conference is to enhance the capacity and quality of services delivered by the immigrant and refugee serving sector. - Moreover, to come to a shared understanding and commitment to work together to build and sustain inclusive programs and initiatives for immigrant and refugee-centered - services.

The Conference’s - specific objectives are:

  • To strengthen organizational capacity and enhance the professional competency and skill level of approximately 300 immigrant and refugee service providers
  • To facilitate networking, and sharing of information, innovative approaches and expertise among new and experienced service providers
  • To offer a forum for discussion and build shared understanding of issues related to the development and professionalization of the settlement sector.